Life Empowerment Coach Rose Young Shares How To Turn Brokenness Into Empowerment

At some point in their lives, most people will feel defeated and want to surrender due to difficult situations that come to their lives. Brokenness comes in many forms. It is the feeling of emptiness or bitterness. Depression and excessive anxiety are all associated with brokenness.

But for life empowerment coach Rose Young, brokenness could clear the way for a person’s empowerment. Coach Rose is very familiar with the feeling associated with brokenness since she had been in that situation before. She endured two car accidents that brought her to the lowest point in her life.

“Brokenness and pain are part of life. Usually, when people experience difficult situations, they ask themselves why those things are happening to them. “Nonetheless, many of us fail to realize that every brokenness or painful time is developing something within us that can only happen during tough times. We can say our brokenness and pain can be instruments of change,” Coach Rose shared. She added that it is essential to learn how to turn brokenness into empowerment.

Disruption And Transformation

Coach Rose not only experienced one but two life-changing car accidents that changed her life forever.

While driving her car in 2008, Coach Rose got involved in a road mishap between three vehicles. It was a horrifying experience that left her with multiple injuries. “I sustained injuries in my neck, my left leg, and my back,” Coach Rose recalled. But she got the worst injury on her lower back. The pain was so severe that she could not walk, sit, or stand for more than five minutes before changing her position.

Several years later, Coach Rose was once again involved in another car accident involving two cars and four vehicles. She suffered multiple injuries due to the strong impact caused by the car collisions. Like in the first car accident, her back was severely affected by the car collisions that she experienced constant pain after the incident.

Coach Rose recounted that those life-changing events disrupted and transformed her life. “It disrupted my life. I previously worked in the healthcare sector as a certified cardiologist technologist and Personal healthcare worker. But I lost my work due to the car accidents and ended my career in the healthcare industry,” she said.

However, Coach Rose explained that the life-changing events might have disrupted her life, but they also paved the way for her life’s transformation. She said that it disrupted her from being a healthcare professional to transform her into a life and mindfulness coach. “If those events did not happen, I would never become an inspiration to others,” she continued.

“In addition, those painful events allowed me to discover that my Why in life is my three children and the power of positive thoughts,” Coach Rose said. She realized that she was not only responsible for herself, but she has three young teens who depend on her. “My children are the reason why I decided to pull myself together. I know that if I am walking in the dark, they are also walking in the dark. And I cannot stand that thought,” she added.

Coach Rose also learned the power of positive thinking in overcoming brokenness. “I would not have won my battle against brokenness without the help of positive thoughts,” she explained. Coach Rose focused her attention on my life’s positive things to overcome pain, anxiety, and depression. Every morning, she said positive things to herself. She also created the so-called “What I am Thankful For List,” wherein she wrote everything good about her life every day.

How Can She Help You?

Coach Rose is a Life Empowerment and Mindfulness Coach who helps others overcome their brokenness and pain and turn it into empowerment. She guides aspiring leaders to formulate a plan to grow their businesses and continue to pursue their dreams.

Coach Rose shares the valuable lessons that she acquired from those painful events. She guides other people on overcoming difficult situations in life and empowering them to move towards their destiny. “I overcame my past by not allowing my mind to play the blaming game. I gained control of my surroundings and thoughts, which helped me get out of my brokenness,” she said.

Coach Rose empowers other people with encouraging words by providing a glimpse of her survival story and testimonials from those who have successfully conquered brokenness. “I help them find clarity on what they want and see the possibilities. I urge them to have greater expectations of themselves. Once they have that expectation, they are empowered to follow their hearts and accomplish their dreams,” Coach Rose said.

Coach Rose is a Master Coach who earned multiple coaching certifications in different industry areas, including leadership and business coaching. She is also a known affiliate of America’s Best Confidence Coach, Dr. Keith Johnson, and the Destiny Coaching Group.

Start your journey with Coach Rose to overcome brokenness and move towards your destiny with confidence.

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