Try These Real Estate Tricks With Tom Cruz & Scale Like A Pro

It is vital to recognize your capacity for growth and thus withhold from stretching yourself too thin. Although speed and efficiency are critical components to any extension strategy, you need to scale your business at a pace that allows you to implement newer technology, improve the systems you have in place and recruit the best talent possible. 

Thomas Cruz is an expert in the real estate world that teaches people how to start and scale their property portfolio. This real estate investor and the coach was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil but moved to the US with his family when he was 5. After graduating from the University of North Carolina Wellington, Thomas joined the real estate investment where he bought his first Condo with the bit of money he had. Today, he is the founder of Cruz properties, an investment company that owns and manages $25M in commercial and residential real estate throughout the South Eastern United States. Thomas knows that growth is within your hands, and if you try the following tricks, you will scale your real estate business like a pro. 


Did you know that reinvesting in a real estate business determines your growth? Reinvesting brings an increase in revenue and profit to your business. By adding new products, buying more property, your business can attract more customers and increase its revenue streams. Besides, new sources of income help enclose your business from the risks of working with one primary source of income that might dry up at some point. 

Reinvesting your income in real estate entirely depends on the goals you set for yourself. You should set goals to give you long-term visions, a clear focus on essential things, motivation, and direction. Also, people who reinvest their profit in real estate obtain financial freedom, and they can retire with enough money to maintain their lifestyle. Ways to reinvest your real estate income include; purchasing an additional investment property, remodeling the existing property, investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and acting as a private lender.

After Thomas bought his first Condo, he rented it out after about a year and purchased another property with funds generated from wholesaling properties and marketing side hustle. He continued reinvesting and buying more Condos and single-family homes. 


Teamwork is one of the most vital factors that lead to success in the real estate business. Why is teamwork essential for a realtor, investor, or agent? It improves communication and contact with your colleagues. As a result, you will get more leads and clients due to improved knowledge. Teamwork also helps you to develop self-confidence, which is critical in every aspect of life. Thomas embraced teamwork by partnering with higher individuals, and it enabled him to buy more homes, buy out his partners and hold hundreds of single-family properties at 32 years old. 

Digital Marketing

Social media is one of the favorite tools in digital marketing, closing deals, and scoring clients in the real estate business. Compared to other sources, social media springs the highest quality leads. Digital platforms help investors to build a robust online presence to get noticed fast. Using digital marketing strategies has a much more significant impact on your real estate career than traditional marketing strategies. It involves getting your name and competence out there to help you generate more inbound leads. 

Thomas uses digital platforms as a goldmine for his real estate business. Amazingly, when he was 30 years old, he purchased 92 single-family homes for $6M and sold them for $10M 18 months later. He has amassed a following of 18000 people on Instagram and 600000 people on TikTok. 

Teaching People

Thomas is an expert in affordable single-family housing portfolios. He teaches people who are new in this industry how to get started and scale significantly. Thomas is the CEO of CashFlow Pros, which provides the resources, expertise, and tools essential in becoming successful in developing a passive real estate portfolio. He also provides real estate investors step-by-step tutorials and weekly group coaching. 

If you try Thomas’s above strategies, you will stand out among the crowd and become a successful real estate investor. You can also connect to Thomas Cruz on; 





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