Tips on How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

Nothing can ruin your day faster than a speeding ticket. It’s an emotional experience, one that comes with a hefty financial burden attached and possible points on your license. It doesn’t take this San Jose car accident attorney to tell you how dangerous speeding can be, but most adults receive a ticket at some point in their lives.

So, what can you do to minimize the impact this ticket will have on your life? There are ways you can fight speeding tickets to lessen the fines, points on your license, and seek leniency from the judge. Take a look at these tips from drivers who have been through the wringer more than once.

Keep Your Cool

Your emotions are going to run high as the officer issues the ticket, but it’s in your best interest to remain calm. Don’t argue, don’t try to persuade the officer to let this slide, and never attempt a bribe unless you want another citation. Just be as respectful as possible during the encounter.

Sign Your Copy

In most states, the officer will head back to their vehicle to get the paperwork ready. This includes a paper copy of your ticket that you’re expected to sign in front of the officer. To make this encounter as fast as possible, sign it so you can be on your way.

Doublecheck the Ticket

Before you drive off, take the time to check all of the information on the ticket. Your personal and contact information should be accurate, as well as the location where you were pulled over. The officer’s name, the posted speed limit, and the speed you were travelling also need to be correct.

Finally, check the ticket for your date in court. If you have any questions or see an error, the officer will still be there to explain the process or make corrections. Don’t try to argue with them about how fast you were going, though.

Fighting the Ticket in Court

Showing up prepared is your best defense. You need to thoroughly understand the ticket as well as municipality rules about speeding. You’ll also need to know a few tricks that might get you off the hook and have your ticket dismissed.

First, ask to see the officer’s paperwork. There’s a good chance the judge will dismiss your ticket if they don’t have it. Second, read over your ticket to see what device the officer used to measure your speed. If there isn’t a device listed, you can argue that this is a violation of your due-process rights.

When fighting your ticket, you need to tell the judge you are not guilty of said USA crime. Proving this is difficult but can be done. There are a series of reasons a judge might choose to be lenient with your case. Try the following if they pertain to your situation:

  • You were only traveling 5 to 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit
  • There was an absence of traffic
  • Weather conditions caused you to slide on rain or ice
  • There were no speed limit signs for miles

Explain the event in detail. Be as thorough as possible, staying respectful and level headed throughout your explanation. With a little luck, or the help of an attorney, you might be able to walk away without any fines or points on your license.

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