Dynamic Venture Capitalist Ron Bauer Is Transforming The Startup Space

Statistics show that about 90% of Startups fail. This failure is most common between years two and five, with 70% falling into this category. One of the main reasons they fail is running out of funding. 

That’s why Ron Bauer www.ronbauer.vc has been ahead of the game in teaching founders how to raise money and how to go public when they are ready eventually.

Ron Bauer at a Glance

Ron Bauer is an experienced entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist with over 20 years of international investment experience. This experience focuses on startup and fast-paced growth companies, specifically within the Life Sciences, Technology, Gaming, FinTech, and MedTech sectors. 

Ron teaches entrepreneurs and founders of startups to late-stage companies that have been around for decades the best way to raise capital and eventually go public on a global stock exchange. 

Disrupting The Startup Space

Startups are companies or businesses founded to develop a unique product or service, bring it to market, and make it irreplaceable and irresistible for customers. Usually, the founder’s dream is to give society something it requires and needs but hasn’t created yet, generating eye-popping valuations that eventually lead to an initial public offering (IPO) and, hopefully, an astronomical return on investment for all investors.

Ron helps founders and entrepreneurs with their collateral materials, including an executive summary, investor presentation, business plan, financial model, website, and corporate video. He also helps them learn how to pitch their business and raise capital properly. 

Case Studies of Success:

Pasithea is a biotech company aiming to solve one of the world’s biggest clinical problems: brain disorders. Their long-term aim is to translate research into new clinic-ready drugs that provide better and longer-lasting results for individuals with mental health issues. They do this by integrating immunology and neuroscience to focus on psychiatric and neurologic diseases with enormous unmet needs.

Private and Public Capital Raises & NASDAQ IPO

With a world-class scientific team in place developing valuable IP, Pasithea reached the stage in its lifecycle where it needed seed and growth capital to execute its business development plan. Ron mentored and guided Pasithea’s CEO and Board through several private and public rounds over a year. The total capital raised was approximately $70M. Pasithea went from being founded to being a NASDAQ-listed company within a 14-month timeframe from start to finish.

Late Stage Advanced Company Completes IPO & Secondary Raise 

Over the past 25 years, Stran & Company has grown to become a leader in the promotional products industry. Stran specializes in complex marketing programs to help recognize the value of promotional products, branded merchandise, and loyalty incentive programs as a tool to drive awareness, build brands, and impact sales.

Stran was a mature 28-year-old business with revenue when it decided to go public and raise capital that could drive the company’s expansion plans. Ron helped guide and mentor the founders of Stran & Co on their IPO journey, offering strategic guidance throughout the entire process. Ron guided Stran through an IPO on the NASDAQ and a subsequent financing a month later. The total capital raised was ~$43M, with a timeline of only seven months from start to finish.

Wrap Up

With over 20 years in the Capital Markets and his experience as a founder and entrepreneur himself, Ron has been able to help Startup companies and late-stage advanced ones raise capital successfully. Ron has a wealth of close personal relationships and an extensive network of contacts globally, allowing him to guide and mentor his portfolio companies and the select few founders he helps.

For more information on transforming your business, you can connect to Ron Bauer – at www.thescapital.com 

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