5 Top Secrets by Chris D. Bentley on how to Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

Tenants and homebuyers are increasingly beginning their searches for new houses online. Pointedly, there are millions of online real estate listings. But then, how can you stand out from the crowd and make your listing stand out?

Chris D. Bentley, a renowned Dallas-based real estate broker, developed five tested strategies to assist you in making your listing stand out from the competition:

  1. Staging Your House Listing

Staging your listing is one of the best methods to make it stand out. A staged home can show off the potential of the space, as opposed to an empty house that is unappealing and not only makes it easier to rent out or sell more quickly but also raises the property’s perceived worth.

A staged house will sell for 17% more on average than just a non-staged property, and 95% of staged houses sell in 11 days or even less, according to Betsy Wilbur, a home staging specialist, who spoke with Forbes. Statistically speaking, staged homes sell 87% more quickly.

To know more about the cost of home staging, you can find 20 Simple Home Staging Ideas On a Budget here.

  1. Eye Catchy Real Estate Pictures

In real estate listings, it appears that first impressions matter. According to research, 75% of realestate.com.au users think that good photography makes a listing stand out.

The Wall Street Journal discovered that 95% of viewers gave the first listing photo—typically the exterior of the home—a total of 20 seconds before their eyes began to stray. Accordingly, you only have 20 seconds to persuade potential tenants or homebuyers to click through to your advertisement before you lose their interest.

For this reason, it makes sense to spend money on professional photography to present your listing in the best possible way. As an option, you may edit your images or eliminate undesired objects by using a real estate photo improvement service like BoxBrownie.com. You can check on How to Take Great Real Estate Photos.

  1. Identify the Main Elements of Your Listing.

Putting much emphasis on your listing’s top qualities is another method to make it stand out. In addition to making the property unforgettable, this can deflect attention from some of its less appealing qualities.

For instance, if your listing has naturally beautiful light or a recently renovated bathroom. These pictures should also appear at the top in the listing in order to enhance the copy and establish a point of distinction.

  1. Knowing Keywords

To achieve an outstanding title and a listing description, one needs to use keywords that prospective tenants and buyers would search for. Such can be feature keywords helpful in questions of proximity towards certain amenities in your listing or simply descriptive keywords triggering the imagination of customers.

Feature keywords can be:

  • Close to the highway
  • Town views
  • Fresh air conditioning 

Descriptive keywords can be:

  • Spacious
  • Beautiful
  • Impeccable
  • Luxurious 
  • Brand new

You need to know your customer base and neighborhood to choose the right keywords. Who are your prospective tenants or buyers, and what perks and features are they seeking? For instance, a young family may prioritize being close to elementary schools, contrary to what an older couple may desire.

You may use the suburb profile features to learn more about a certain neighborhood and its demographics which are available on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

  1. Visual Floor Plan 

Notably, 50% of consumers stated that a floor plan helps make a listing stand out, as per realestate.com.au.

A floor plan essentially offers a bird’s-eye view of the building. It displays the property’s plan, such as the number of rooms, their locations, and the sizes of every room. Prospective buyers and tenants may see how the house flows and imagine how their furnishings would fit in every room.

Options include investing in a 3D floor plan or video tour to offer potential buyers an even greater impression of the property’s appearance. It will entice distant purchasers who cannot attend a walkthrough in person and design your listing to be fascinating.

In conclusion, for an outstanding listing, these are the most appropriate strategies:

  • Staging Your House Listing
  • Eye Catchy Real Estate Pictures
  • Identify The main elements of your listing
  • Knowing Keywords
  • Visual Floor Plan

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