BarxBuddy: 5 Reasons Why Every Dog Owner Should Try This Amazing Gadget

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Taking a new dog home is an exciting decision that comes with a lot of responsibility. Among other things, you have to make the big choice about how you want to train your dog. There are essentially two options: using outside training classes or training your dog on your own. In the past, training your dog on your own has been a challenging and difficult undertaking. But a new dog training gadget is transforming the way you train your dog at home. It’s called BarxBuddy. This handy, portable gadget is easy-to-use, and allows you to train your dog from the comfort of your home. Whether you bring home a new furry friend, or you have an older dog who you want to retrain, here are five reasons why every dog owner should try this amazing gadget.

  • It’s extremely simple to use

Training your dog with BarxBuddy is extremely easy, and the device is very simple. When your dog starts misbehaving or exhibiting a behavior you want to train out of them, you grab your BarxBuddy and press a button on the gadget. This emits a harmless high-pitched noise, which only dogs can hear. When your dog is then paying attention, you have the perfect opportunity to train them. You can have them sit still until they calm down, and once they’re quiet, you can reinforce their training with some positive praise, a treat, or a hug.

  • It’s portable

You can take your BarxBuddy dog training device anywhere, thanks to its size and design. You can take one on walks around the neighborhood, for example. You can also leave one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and even keep one in the car for road trips. It’s easy and convenient to keep a BarxBuddy nearby at all times, so you’ll never miss a training opportunity.

  • It keeps your training inside the home

One of the challenges with going to outside teachers or classes for dog training lessons is that it can be difficult to then reinforce the training once you’re back in the home. For example, group training classes can be distracting for your pup, and if you have another trainer leading the lessons, your dog may become confused about who to be obedient to. When you choose to train your dog using the BarxBuddy, you’re keeping your dog’s training in your own home, and in your own hands. 

  • It’s consistent

Another issue with using outside training lessons is that it’s difficult to keep the training consistent among all family members. For example, one person may accompany your pup to the lessons, and the other family members may not be up-to-speed on the training. When you choose to use BarxBuddy in your home, everyone in your household is able to easily keep up with the training. You can check out BarxBuddy on Facebook and Twitter to find out what pet owners have to say about the device!

  • It’s multipurpose

Another great feature of the BarxBuddy is that it’s actually multipurpose. Aside from emitting the high-pitched tone, it also has an LED-light, to help with your training efforts. You can also use the device as a safety mechanism. If you ever encounter aggressive or intimidating dogs while on your walks, you can use your BarxBuddy to distract them, to keep yourself and your own dog safe.


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