The Worst Bus Accidents in History

Accidents happen on the road every day. It’s estimated that there are 6 million in the United States each year, which is roughly 16,438 on a daily basis. While no two incidents are created equal, those involving busses tend to be some of the deadliest due to the fact that they can carry so many passengers. These are the worst bus accidents in history. 

February 28, 1958

In Floyd County, Kentucky, one incident became known as the Prestonsburg Bus Disaster. A school bus filled with children collided with a tow truck, ultimately falling off the side of the road into the Levisa Ford River. The accident claimed 29 children as well as the driver. This remains the worst bus accident in U.S. history. 

June 20, 1959

Germany’s worst bus accident took place in Lauffen am Neckar. The bus was a commercial one, carrying dozens of passengers. It crashed into a train, as opposed to being hit on the tracks. In the end, the accident claimed 45 lives. 

May 21, 1976

A school bus for the Yuba City High School, located in California, was transporting the a cappella choir on Interstate 680. The bus driver lost control, sending the vehicle plunging off the bank on the side of the road. The teacher died, along with 28 students. 

May 14, 1988

Close to Carrollton, Kentucky, a commercial bus was transporting passengers along Interstate 71. All of a sudden, a drunk driver appeared heading down the wrong side of the road and directly towards the bus. The resulting collision claimed 27 lives, making it the deadliest drunk driving accident ever recorded. 

September 24, 1990

In this instance, a bus loaded with two tanks of liquefied petroleum gas was traveling through the downtown section of Bangkok, Thailand. While making a turn, it overturned and began leaking. A fire broke out, followed by multiple explosions that destroyed 43 vehicles and damaged several buildings. It claimed the lives of 59 people while injuring another 89. 

What to do After a Bus Accident

Unlike standard car accidents, those involving busses have several other factors to consider when building a case. Not only could the driver be held liable, but so can the commercial company as well as third parties that manufacture parts. The main victims in these incidents are also passengers.

Legal action requires the help of an attorney skilled in handling the nuances involved in these types of accident, like this Bay Area wrongful death attorney. They are trained to navigate the intricacies of the case, seeking justice for lives lost as well as victims. Additionally, they’re also skilled in the often more serious injuries a passenger can suffer, allowing them to provide a more caring level of aid and handle higher levels of compensation. 

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a bus accident, don’t hesitate to speak with an attorney and seek financial compensation. Bus passengers are innocent victims in these tragic accidents, and they as well as their families in fatal incidents need skilled legal representation to get everything they deserve. 

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