Mint Global Marketing: Free Apps You Can Use For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With the increasing rate of digital advancement, it is not only possible but also easier and cheaper to run your entire business via your mobile devices. Because people spend so much time on their mobile devices these days, it would be an added advantage if they could manage their businesses with these gadgets.

Marketing, which is one major aspect of a business is therefore becoming easier to manage via mobile devices.

There are plenty of free apps on the internet to help business owners and entrepreneurs with their marketing strategies. But which ones are worth employing? Mint Global Marketing, a leading marketing agency, was contracted to provide an answer to this question.

Mint Global Marketing has a reputation for helping companies create and implement working marketing strategies and driving them to become industry leaders. Below are the recommended apps:

Buffer – For Social Media Management

Buffer is an easy-to-use app that helps you manage multiple social media profiles. You can schedule your social media posts in advance and get them published automatically on time.

You can also use this app to create social media posts based on the materials you find online and follow up with statistics on how each post performs. 

Buffer’s free plan lets users manage up to three social accounts and schedule up to ten posts per account at a time. 

Google Analytics – To keep track of results

The goal of marketing is to reach the target audience, and the only way to know if you are deploying the right digital marketing strategies is to track your results. Google Analytics helps you know all the steps taken by people who visit your site to help you improve. It also provides other useful information, such as aggregated audience demographics.

The Google Analytics mobile app makes it easy to keep track of all of your business metrics from your phone. It is one of the tools you want to utilize to transform your digital marketing strategy.

Canva – For Graphics Design

One of the most significant ways to engage with your audience online is through images. Canvas is a simple design app that allows you to create aesthetically appealing graphics for your audience on your mobile phone.

This app has pre-built templates that make dragging and dropping elements into place seamless. It also makes it simple to customize templates to reflect your company’s distinct style, and with a single tap, you can post the designs on your social media profiles.

Grammarly – For an error-free writing

To avoid typos and grammatical errors in your marketing posts, Grammarly is the right app for you. It is an app that automatically checks your writing for misspellings and grammatical errors.

By enabling the Grammarly plugin, you are a step away from avoiding embarrassing mistakes on your digital marketing platforms.

Mention – To keep track of your brand mentions

Mention is a free application that allows you to keep track of your brand mentions across various digital platforms. It keeps you informed about your brand-related conversations so you can act accordingly and improve your image.

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