How Postcards Can Help You Kickstart Your Real Estate Farming

As a realtor, you know how important networking is to build a client base. Client relationships can last decades. While it may be easy to maintain existing relationships, how do you go about starting new ones, especially if you are new to the area?

Sending out postcards for realtors farming is one way to let people know you’re available and ready to help them with any real estate needs. Invest in materials to promote yourself that have customizable layouts and make it easy to manage everything. It’s well worth the initial effort of designing and scheduling mailings to reap the rewards of generating listings.

Consider These Factors Before You Begin Realtor Farming

Prior to the process of designing, ordering, and sending out postcards, you’ll want to make sure you’ve captured the feel of the neighborhood. You need to learn everything about your target area, including the type of people who live there, the types of housing there, market temperature, and property values. This ensures you won’t sound like an outsider.

People want their realtor to be a local who understands their neighborhood and their personal needs as well. You can’t do that if your message is too general and doesn’t capture the uniqueness of their area.

Consistency is Key

One important thing to remember: always be consistent when mailing out your postcards. Send them out at least once a month, or to note a milestone such as new listings or a home that just sold.

If you haven’t had any recent listings, you should still send a postcard. Mention how the market looks or provide an automated seller valuation. This will let your farm of potential new and existing clients know you’ve got a finger on the market, and guarantees you’ll come to mind when they need a realtor.

Automation Makes You More Efficient

Imagine if you could order realtor farming postcards and have a built-in list builder that takes into account your desired radius around a specific address, subdivision name, or a freehand drawing. Now imagine you can track every shipment automatically and see when they’ve been delivered. Moreover, there’s a check in place to make sure your target farm area isn’t already saturated with other realtors doing the same thing.

What a way to make your life easier! With realtor farming postcards, the time you’d normally need to keep track of shipments is taken care of for you, leaving plenty of time for you to focus on the main parts of your job. You can even use “do not mail” lists to remove addresses from future mailings if needed.

You Can’t Afford Not to Use Them

It might sound funny to put it that way, but since networking is crucial, why not invest a bit of time and money in realtor farming postcards? With an all-inclusive price that includes printing, postage, and mailing, it’s a small price to pay for the rewards you’ll reap down the line.

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