Equitable Marketing: Genius Social Media Strategy Tips You Should Be Using

Social media is the best place to advertise in the modern marketing world. Social media is constantly changing, which means marketing strategies are always evolving with it. So how can you keep up with the changing social media market? 

Well, you ask the pros, of course! We talked with Equitable Marketing to pick their brains for tips with social media marketing. Equitable Marketing is a leader in online business services and masters of digital marketing in general. 

They have ample experience creating and implementing social media marketing strategies for businesses across the US. Here are their top tips for creating effective social media strategies. 

Be Everywhere 

Their first tip from Equitable Marketing may seem a bit obvious, but you should be on every single social media platform there is. The big ones are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Reddit, and Discord.

Each of these platforms has completely different users, so it’s good to do some research into each of them. You’re going to want to prioritize some over the others. But if you’re not on one of these platforms, you’re going to miss a huge chunk of potential customers. 

Diversify your Presence 

According to Equitable Marketing, you shouldn’t use Twitter the same way you use Facebook or Reddit. Some posts may perform very well on Facebook, but if you post them on Reddit, you’ll actually turn a large portion of the ad-viewers away. 

You need to understand how the platforms work and learn how to maintain your brand personality while also adapting to that platform’s user base. 

Be Prepared to Pay

Many experts agree that organic growth is a thing of the past. Aiming for organic growth is great and should still be kept in mind, but it is no longer as possible as it once was. 2022 and beyond will require paid advertising

The good news is that paid advertising is also much more effective than it used to be. Thanks to AI and improved data analytics, your ads will hit your target audience much more complicated and much better. 

Many strategies will rely on paid advertising, so do not shy away from it or feel like it is cheating. It is a necessity. 

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

Aside from SEO marketing, Equitable Marketing is huge on influencer marketing. They believe that influencer campaigns are invaluable. They offer one of the best ROIs of any digital marketing strategy, period. 

The strategy is also expected to get more expensive over time as it becomes more standardized. Hopping on the Affiliate Marketing train before this standardization will help you build a network of trusted influencers and save you money in the long run, as well as guarantee you quality. 

Dive into Communities 

Equitable Marketing believes that becoming a part of your core communities is the best way to boost sales and remain relevant for the foreseeable future. If you host giveaways through social media, joke around with the popular influencers in the community, and just generally engage with your target audience, they will be much more likely to trust you and want to do business with you. 

Be known as a positive force in the community, and customers will go out of their way to give you their business. 

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