Chris D. Bentley: Putting the REAL in Realtor

Chris D. Bentley is one of the leading and most aggressive Brokers in the industry. He is the man behind extreme networking, which has allowed him to build a name and business worth millions. Chris has sold millions of dollars worth of homes throughout his career, wherein half of his business has consisted of repeat and referral clients, whereas the other half comes from social media exposure. He is also an award-winning Dallas real estate broker with over 18 years of experience selling real estate in multiple states and the owner of Bentley Fine Properties, a real estate brokerage specializing in helping people relocate to the Dallas, Texas area. Moreover, Chris is a four-time published author and a six-time multi-million producer with over 100 videos on YouTube. He also secured the 13th spot of top Dallas Realtors on social media in 2018 and 2019. 

What do Chris and Bentley Fine Properties offer?

Under Bentley Fine Properties, clients can avail themselves of the expertise of Chris as a seasoned realtor and their exceptional customer service. To be more specific, here are what you can expect when you work with Chris and his team:

  • Customer Satisfaction. Chris places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction since businesses would cease to exist without clients. As such, Bentley Fine Properties serves as a home to their clients to meet their needs and concerns with professionalism. In addition, Realtors at   Bentley treats everyone with a positive and warm demeanor that generates a comfortable atmosphere to help them feel satisfied with the services they avail. Chris and his personnel also ensure they communicate clearly and effectively with clients to build strong relationships and work efficiently. But more than negotiating with their clients, Bentley Fine Properties listens to the needs and demands of their clients and, consequently, acts accordingly.
  • Detailed Information. Before every significant purchase, careful discernment is required to assess if a decision is sound and final. As such, Bentley Fine Properties goes far beyond simply providing brief overviews of real estate offers to their clients. They provide everything there is to know for their clients to feel confident in the team and with their purchase, such as the location of the property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and kitchen layout. With Bentley, you will find your dream home. Photos are also included to provide clients with a visual representation of the property. You will also know the style, age, and condition of the house and the purchasing price, and the size of the lot to allow you to see if your budget fits and if the property fits your needs. 
  • Accessible Information. Aside from providing detailed information about the property you are eyeing, you can also easily access these on social media. You can also visit Bentley’s website to browse their offers with the touch of your mobile phone. With the convenience Bentley provides, clients’ stress is reduced when seeking relevant information regarding properties. And with their real estate specialization of the Dallas area, the company has compiled the best properties you can avail in the area, distinguishing them from their competition.
  • Self-Motivated Team. Since customer satisfaction is among their top priorities, at Bentley Fine Properties, you will be welcomed by a friendly team led by Chris D. Bentley. And because they want nothing but the best for their clients, the team does everything they can to meet the needs and demands of their clients. Not only are they self-motivated, but they are also creative problem-solvers clients can approach with their concerns. 
  • Honesty and Integrity. At the core of Bentley’s operations are honesty and integrity. Without the two, Chris and his team would not have transformed Bentley Fine Properties into what it is today. By building relationships with a foundation of trust, they are able to deliver what their clients need and maintain their support. In doing so, Bentley has also created a sustainable business model that is not solely in the industry for profit. 

Chris D. Bentley puts the REAL in Realtor by placing great emphasis on his clients and establishing honesty and integrity as his core pillars in business. If you are interested in investing in real estate, you can connect with Chris and Bentley Fine Properties through LinkedIn or their website.

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