3 Surprising Things About Evolving Consciousness You Need To Know

The narrative on the subject of consciousness is vast and diverse. Conscious leadership has been a global conversation owing to its many benefits. Livia believes that we can change the world by embodying higher consciousness. Additionally, you can increase your confidence and achieve tremendous success. 

She has been offering her services to this planet and teaching people how to access the quantum field through their heart consciousness. Her mission is to help leaders and entrepreneurs activate their Soul Missions and co-create the New Earth. Luckily, she has achieved this goal and divine alignment and an increase in channeling ability to re-establish divine co-creation. 

Thousands of people can now pride and boast from moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. They can tell how they went through a deep process of transformation and embodiment, calling back their soul memory to reconnect back to their essence reality. 

The following are five essential things you need to know about evolving consciousness.

  1. Quantum Healing

One of the things that she advocates for in evolving consciousness is quantum healing. Livia helps people to shift into a higher timeline of existence. Quantum healing combines ideas from psychology, philosophy, neurophysiology, and quantum mechanics to govern health and wellbeing. 

Even though quantum healing is a spiritual thing, it also directly affects the immune system. It is based on the principle of resonance. Quantum technology will help you release the past 3D hr matrix from the subconscious mind and help you to reprogram to the new cellular level. 

  1. Embody Your Higher Self

Do you want to experience a deeper meaning of life? Or do you want to tap into your divine potential? It will help if you embody your higher self. Livia’s transmission will help you to align yourself with your true soul calling. Additionally, this great awakening will help you feel a more profound stirring calling for your life experience.

She uses the Arcturian 7D technology, wave harmonics, and sonic to connect and embody your multidimensionality. Additionally, we work with  Atlantis and  Lemuria technologies to awaken codexes of light within the DNA and deep remembrance of our timelines on Earth. 

  1. Devotion To Spiritual Evolution, Divine Service & Ascension

Many people want to go after their dreams and be at the forefront of the New Earth. Guess what? Spiritual Evolution is going to play a significant role in this change. It acts as a catalyst for the mind-body-soul-spirit complex in its wholeness evolution. It evolves from a simple form usually dominated by nature to a higher state dominated by the spiritual or divine. 

Those souls that have an aspiration to go after their ultimate goals and co-create the New Earth can shift into their highest reality of freedom, love, abundance, and evolution.

Wrap Up

Livia’s advice is that you need to get on the evolving consciousness journey today if you want to attain greater receptivity, trust, and expansion to meet your business-creative vision. This experience will give you multiple energy mastery protocols which will inspire your continued personal practice. You will be better positioned to activate your new intuitive abilities and perceptions while refining your overall multi-dimensional sensitivity and discernment.

For more information about evolving consciousness, you can connect to Livia on;

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_QBIMKKa_ouphZM0s5nfQ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arcturianschanneling/ 

Website: https://linktr.ee/liviadevi 

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