Why Businesses Are Using Data Systems International For Efficiency

Any reputable construction company works to ensure that efficiency is at its peak as much as possible. Deadlines must be met and there is no time to be lax. Data Systems International is at the forefront when these companies are in need of assistance in that department. The software provided has allowed these companies to keep track of equipment and building supplies without hassle. Some of the construction companies that have made use of Data Systems International include MAREK, Aegion, and Womble Co. All of these companies and more have taken advantage of the improved visibility that the software provides.

Data Systems International creates cloud supply chain solutions. Its aim for clients is to provide quality products at an affordable price. Perhaps most important of all is delivering these products in a timely manner. As mentioned, efficiency is key and Data Systems International works to make things seamless for companies. DSI also states its mission is to ensure that consumers achieve success in all aspects of inventory when it comes to the digital economy. The products DSI offers range from cloud inventory to digital chain platform. DSI prides itself on allowing businesses to create a solution that is tailor-made for them.

MAREK is an interior construction company. It’s based in Houston, Texas. The company has been up and running for 80 years. MAREK is tasked with providing both commercial and residential services to a wide variety of clients. This can range from healthcare clients to sports and entertainment clients. MAREK soon realized that its manual tracking system was hindering the process. Since inputs had to be done manually, this took up time as foremen were required to travel between warehouses to collect data. This is why the company decided to utilize the services of DSI. This worked in perfect harmony with MAREK’s ERP system.

Aegion specializes in gas, oil, and sewer pipelines. The company has been in business for 45 years. Like MAREK, Aegion had also been using manual processes. In addition to this, Aegion also had paper trails in place. While this had worked for them in the past, it simply wasn’t going to cut it in modern times. The company had its own ERP system and had hoped that DSI could be easily integrated. Aegion’s wishes were granted with Cloud Inventory solutions. The company was able to track a massive 200% reduction in time for daily field tickets since implementing DSI.

Womble Co. provides coating systems for steel pipes. It’s another business that is based in Houston, Texas. The company works with clients in the industrial manufacturing industry. Other clients include those involved in the construction, gas, and oil industries. Womble Co. had been using paper-based and manual processes for its day-to-day operations. The movers and shakers at Womble Co. wanted a more efficient way of tracking inventory. The company called upon DSI to create a solution that would allow the ERP system to be retained. Womble Co. has been able to process orders far quicker since implementing DSI.

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