When Is The Best Time to Harvest Your Cannabis?

Harvesting of marijuana depends on several factors such as the flowering time, pistils, and trichomes. If you are harvesting Indica strains, then it is advised to harvest eight weeks from flowering. In the case of Sativa, plant harvesting is done after ten weeks of the flowering process. In the case of auto flowers, harvesting can be done ten weeks from seedling to the bud. Pistils also play a vital role in determining the harvesting of cannabis plants. If the pistils are around 50% to 70% brown, then the plant will have young and light marijuana. If the pistils are 70% to 90% brown, then the marijuana plant will be ripe and plump. Finally, if the pistils are 90% to 100% brown, then the marijuana plant will be sharp and heavy.

There are various methods to determine the harvesting time apart from flowering time and pistils discussed below:

Harvesting based on the Trichomes:

Below are some guidelines that will help you ascertain the right time to harvest your marijuana plants based on the trichomes.

Clear white hair:

If the trichomes have clear white hair, then it is advised not to harvest them. The reason being the marijuana plant then is not potent enough, and this could also affect the overall yield. Gradually given more time, the trichomes develop hairs that are dark in color. If not, wait for half of the hairs to have dark colors and make sure they are not sticking out straight.

Half Clearly Trichomes:

When trichomes are half clear or cloudy, it can be said that the buds have not yet reached their full potential, and it is advised not to harvest. It is believed that in this stage the buds can give a high, but if you can wait longer or until trichomes are mostly cloudy it will be improved. If you can wait for a bit longer, you might get a much more pungent odor and a great flavor that you have been waiting for.

Cloudy Trichomes:

When buds have cloudy trichomes, it is believed to be the right time to harvest this plant. At this stage, the marijuana plant has the highest THC content required by all the harvesters worldwide. This stage is reached when 50% to 70% of the hairs are not white. This is the stage when the plants have the highest potential. If you harvest now, the high received from these plants will be the best, giving you an ultimate euphoria like no other.

When trichomes are amber and cloudy:

If the plants have amber or cloudy trichomes, then you have probably passed the best time. At this stage, the buds lose the THC content, and there is an increase in CBN. One good thing about this stage of trichomes is that it is perfect if you are looking for a moderate-high that is relaxing enough and can greatly reduce your anxiety. This is the stage when the hairs have darkened almost 70% to 90%.

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