What To Look For in a Final Walkthrough? Jacques Poujade Shares The Ultimate Checklist

Buying a home is an exciting process, with many steps and stages. And after all of the handwork, energy, and financial commitment, nothing can be more exciting than closing on a home.

But before you officially become a homeowner, there’s one last important task on your list: your final walk through. According to real estate expert Jacques Poujade, the final walkthrough can be one of the most crucial parts of the home buying process.

Why is that, and how can you make sure you know what to look for? Jacques is using his decades of experience in real estate, the lending industry, and investing, to come up with his ultimate final walkthrough checklist.

Do it as close to closing as possible 

According to Poujade, the best time to do your final walkthrough is as close to your closing as possible. This is your last chance to ensure everything is how you want it, and in good condition, before you officially take ownership of your new home.

The house should also be empty of the previous owners things before you do your final walkthrough, so you’re able to get a full look at everything.

Bring along the necessary supplies

Mortgage Expert Jacques Poujade
Jacques Poujade is a Mortgage Professional with decades of real estate experience. For more useful insights, visit his blog at jacquespoujade.wordpress.com

You’ll probably need some things to help you with your final walkthrough. Make sure you have your contract, so you can keep track of what’s supposed to be in the house, and what should be gone.

A notepad will be helpful for jotting down notes, and your phone is also great for note taking, and for snapping pictures. Bringing along your real estate agent can also be helpful, because they know what to look for.

Make sure all agreed-upon repairs are completed

Next, you should make sure all of the final repairs you agreed upon are completed. Pro tip: you can ask the previous homeowners to leave behind receipts and warranties, so you can followup if you have any issues.

Also, since the previous owners will have moved out, you can make sure no damage was left behind from their move, and that any mess from construction or repairs has been cleaned up.

Check for items agreed upon

Check that nothing is missing from the home that should be there, such as blinds, built-in fixtures, and appliances. All items included in the sale should be present in the home.

This is where having your contract can come in handy, because you can refer to it to remember what items you agreed upon purchasing. 

Ensure nothing new has come up since your last inspection

The real purpose of this final walk-through is to make sure everything is how you remember it from your first time in the home, so it’s important to make sure there are no new issues.

You can check the windows and doors, look for mold in the bathrooms, check the kitchen, test the appliances, test the heating and air conditioning, and the electrical systems by plugging your phone into outlets, testing the lights, and ringing the doorbells. 

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