Six Side Hustles You Can Start to Make Extra Money

There will always be ambitious people that are never satisfied. They want more in life and they are willing to do whatever it takes to earn extra money in order to pursue dreams and reach goals. If you fall into this category you have probably thought of side hustles you can do in addition to you main career that will allow you to make extra money.

If so, then this article is for you. There are really endless opportunities and it comes down to what you are capable of doing. When you find something that matches your interests and skills, you are able to be more efficient and it won’t feel as much as work as it will an extra fun hobby that also happens to earn you money – maybe even turn it into a million dollar business.

If you are thinking of it but haven’t found your ideal side hustle here are some to consider. Maybe one of these will be the one that triggers you to take action.

1. Yard Sale Flipping

This is something you can start with very little money and scale as you find success. It’s very simple. You buy items at yard sales, garage sales, estate sales and flea markets and then re-sell the items on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and other online sales channels.

eBay and Facebook are the easiest ones. It’s all about volume and quick gains here. You can’t expect to make a killing per item but if you are willing to put in the work you can earn a few extra thousand dollars a month to use for extra spending money or to stash in order to start your dream business.

flip items from garage sale

2. Freelancer Writer

There is a huge demand for good writers these days and this is something you can do in your spare time with zero startup money required. You just need a computer. You also have the freedom to work whenever you want.

You can write articles in the evening, early in the morning or even mid-day when you have extra time. There is no limit on your earning potential doing this. You also set your own price and can pick what clients you want to work with.

To get started I would suggest registering account on the big freelance sites like Upwork and Freelancer and have a competitive rate at first to get some clients and reviews and then bump prices as your demand increases.

3. Dog Walker

With so many people having dogs as well as busy schedules, it creates a huge opportunity for this service. People are willing to spend money when it comes to their pets as well, so you can really clean up if you offer something with value.

Make it convenient. Go to them to pick up the dog. Include treats, maybe even grooming, ply time, etc. Anything you can add as an upsell is also smart. People seem to spend freely when it comes to their pets so make it very convenient and you will quickly book up all available spots.

4. Virtual Assistant

This is an idea side hustle for someone that is working part time or maybe even is a stay at home parent. When you take on clients as a virtual assistant they will often have daily and weekly tasks.

You can take on one or two and do it in your spare time, but if you really want to scale and take on enough clients to create a large income each month you are going to have to carve out a decent amount of time each day.

You can always start small and when you know you can scale the growth to the point that it surpasses your current income you can roll into it fulltime. With so many online businesses and remote companies, there is a huge demand for virtual assistants and that is not going to change any time soon.

5. Blogger

If you want to start a side hustle that doesn’t require you to report to anyone or work for anyone then you can always start a blog. You won’t see money roll in right away, but if you are looking for a long term opportunity it’s a good option.

The key it to think of a blog topic that has a large enough audience but one that isn’t already saturated with competition. You want a niche topic with the potential to attract a lot of website traffic, because the more traffic you can generate the more money you can make by selling ads or pushing affiliate offers.

make money being a blogger

6. Social Media Manager

There is a huge demand for freelance social media managers because so many companies know they need to be active on social media but don’t know how to connect with their followers. If you understand the ins and outs of social media this could be very lucrative.

You can use a social media tool like Hootsuite to manage multiple accounts. This will help keep you organized. You can then offer monthly packages that include content creation, customer engagement and even customer service management. Think of several upsells you can add on to make even more money each month. Look for customers that are willing to commit for several months. The longer you keep them on the less time you will have to spend looking for new customers. If business really takes off you can then hire virtual assistants to help, allowing you to bring on more clients.

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