Here Is Why Big Global Brands Are Looking For Jesus Bullon Penco

Sponsorship is a great way for an athlete to grow professionally. Every athlete dreams of getting one to cover the costs of pursuing your dreams. But it’s not easy to get a sponsorship from a global brand like Carrefour or Nike. 

Read on to learn why global brands are looking for professional e-athlete Jesus Bullon. 

About Jesus Bullon 

Jesus Bullon is a professional esports athlete and coach. He has been professionally dedicated to Rocket League video games since 2018. Jesus has been a player from 2017 to 2020 and, later on, a coach from 2020 to 2022. He has been in several well-known teams starting with Wizards Club in 2018, Besiktas in 2019, Team Queso in 2020, and Vodafone Giants in 2021. 

Jesus started in Rocket League when he was around 17 or 18 years old. He started with the Rocket League video game 2015 for fun. In 2016 he entered his first Rocket League tournament held in Murcia-Spain. He ended up in the third position in the tournament after losing to one of the best players in Spain by a tiny margin. 

After the tournament, Jesus began to take the game seriously by putting in more effort and hours to reach a high level in the game. He won two other tournaments in the same year. Jesus entered his first Spanish Championship in 2017. He had just signed his 1st video game club called Daxial Gaming, and the event was held in Barcelona from 5th October 2017 to 8th October 2017. Although Jesus and his friends lost in the semi-finals, this tournament was his first appearance in a high-caliber event. 

Why global brands are looking for him

Jesus is a popular professional esports player. He has accomplished much as a player and later on as a coach. For instance, in 2019, Jesus held first and second place in the ESL Masters España Season 5. He also held first and second place in Movistar eSports Series (2019). 

Jesus has been the European champion and runner-up in the RLCS(The most important rocket league competition). He has also been a regional red bull champion in 2018 and 5 times champion of Spain, the last one in December 2021, 3 months ago.

Jesus qualified for the RLCS X Rocket League world Championship in 2021. The world cup was canceled in Texas due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, it was played online in Europe, with Jesus and his team taking up the third and fourth positions. 

Jesus’ accomplishments in tournaments have helped him garner the sponsorship of major brands. So far, he has been sponsored by major brands like Nike, Red Bull, Vodafone, Hot Wheels, Diesel, Nesquik, Kit Kat, Chupa Chups, Maggi, Samsung, Telepizza, Razer, Elgato, Wetaca, Carrefour, Sennheiser, Trust Gaming, Ozone, Drift, Versus Gamers, Stream Hatchet, and Smooy. 

Apart from sponsorships, he has participated in the presentation of the brands like “De Ke Vas” and 6KSkin. 


Jesus has been professionally dedicating himself to the Rocket League game since 2018. His fine touch in the games has helped him become a top-level player. Thanks to the endless hours and efforts he puts in the game, he has managed to get the sponsorship of global brands. Jesus is celebrated as the savior of the Rocket League. With this title comes the opportunity for more sponsorships. 

You can connect with Jesus via Twitter. For details on the tournaments he has participated in, check here

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