Factors That Will Help Reverse Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents remain a prevalent issue across the country. While any crash can be devastating, those involving a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle cause severe injuries and are often fatal. It might be impossible to eliminate these unfortunate scenarios altogether, but there are several factors that can help reverse this trend and decrease death on the road. 

Understanding the Data

Data on accidents involving large trucks is collected by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Their 2018 report was published in 2020, providing key insights into the statistics of truck accidents. Their findings show that incidents continue to rise, with the total number seeing a double-digit increase each year for the past ten years. 

There are plenty of factors that play into this increasing trend, including more trucks on the road despite all of them traveling roughly the same number of miles as previous years. It’s also most likely for an accident to be causes by a civilian driver, pedestrian, cyclist, or animal. 

Most crashes also take the form of a rear-end collision, which includes other drivers as well as stationary objects. Those that are fatal or cause severe injury, however, are primarily front-end collisions. Trucks rear-ending a passenger vehicle, for example, rose 15% from 2017 to 2018. 

Understanding this data can help fleet managers and truck drivers alike, as well as industries looking to aid them, create solutions to these issues. Experts are looking to a combination of driver-assistance technology and comprehensive training to reverse the rising trend of accidents. 

Driver-Assistance Technology

Modern technology has provided the auto industry with a host of new safety features in the from of driver-assistance. Combining cameras with GPS and a vehicle’s systems, including braking, show great promise in reducing accidents on the road. 

For large trucks, the main focus is on their braking system. Based on the fatality and injury data for front-end collisions, giving trucks better braking abilities could go a long way in saving lives. At the same time, driver-assistance technology helps to reduce rear-end and side collisions. 

Comprehensive Training

Data on these safety features shows that they can help but aren’t enough to get the job done. Trucks have been fitted with this tech for years now, but these unfortunate statistics continue to climb. So, you’ll still need legal aid like this Sacramento truck accident lawyer handy even with the latest in safety features. 

Experts recommend that drivers undergo comprehensive training on these safety technologies in addition to regular safety training. By helping drivers utilize these systems and better understand what to expect from them, they can remain safer while making their trips. 

It’s important to remember that driver assistance technology is not meant as a replacement for the driver or their abilities. These are just tools they can utilize. Keeping up on regular safety training ensures your drivers are well-equipped at all times, but adding in technology is an excellent way to double down on your fleet’s safety. Together, these can reverse a deadly trend. 

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