Equitable Marketing Shares: How To Leverage Analytics and Optimization During A Marketing Campaign

In modern times, it has become an unspoken rule for business outfits to adopt certain aspects of digital marketing in their growth strategy. The world has literally become a digital sphere where sellers and buyers get virtually and formally introduced through promotional content like online ad campaigns.

However, while many business owners are quick to launch numerous marketing campaigns on media sites, only a few invest as much time in collecting and using ad data during these campaigns.

Marketing analytics and optimization are essential for implementing business strategies, yet both concepts are often misunderstood and underutilized. So for the sake of clarity, experts from Equitable Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency, have highlighted several ways you can leverage marketing analytics and optimization during marketing campaigns.

Come up with a plan

You need to have a plan laid out for each marketing campaign you launch. This way, you will easily categorize the campaign models that worked best for you, the ones that fell flat, and the marketing areas that produced the best ROI, be it social media, websites, or email.

Use the marketing platform that produced the best ROI

You will know the best ROI when the sales generated through that particular campaign is higher than the cost of the campaign itself. So once you have successfully tracked the marketing platform that produced the best ROI, you can subsequently compare data with the KPIs of other marketing campaigns while using the same method to yield more results.

Generate actionable insights

Marketing optimization begins when you start tracking the progress of your marketing campaigns. When you quantify the data derived, then you are running your marketing analytics.

You can use this metric to develop actionable insights that will help you make well-informed business decisions, predictions, and calculations and enlighten you on ways you can acquire and retain customers.

Be in charge of your own data.

Whether you hire a digital marketing agency to run your marketing campaigns or not, you need to be kept in the loop at all times to be familiar with your data. This way, you can optimize your marketing campaign strategies and experiment with the data acquired to discover a more befitting campaign model that can help generate more reach.

Do not disregard qualitative data

While quantitative data is important in marketing analytics and optimization, qualitative data is just as important too. As trivial as it seems, online reviews, marketing campaigns of the competition, social media comments, likes and shares, and other non-numerical data related to your brand will boost your marketing analytics skills.

There are a lot of business initiatives you can take from this content to create a more effective business campaign.


Marketing analytics and optimization help you gain actionable insights on how to tweak your campaign strategy while increasing your ROI. If you want to avoid losing on quality ads spent on bad advertising, then you need to ensure that you run by the data gathered from marketing campaigns.

To do that efficiently, it will be in your best interest to consider applying the tools provided by Equitable Marketing experts. This could be a game-changer for your brand and the beginning of a new growth phase.

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