Data Systems International Communicates With Construction Companies

Data Systems International (DSI) has increasingly improved the performance of many reputable construction companies such as MAREK, Womble Co., and Aegion which have used Cloud Inventory for many years. The software has helped companies to keep track of their supplies and equipment. Another advantage is that comes with the software is that it improves the visibility of the supply chain process and this includes digitizing inspection and compliance reasons. This results in each company have to improve the speed that they operate and the speed of their efficiency and productivity.

MAREK is a construction company in Houston, Texas renowned for its expertise in interior contracting and cantilever racking manufacturing, and had turned to DSI to improve its effectiveness. The construction company has been in business for more than 80 years and specializes in interior contractors which provide commercial and residential services to the offices, healthcare, retail, sports and entertainment, arts, education, and institutional clients. MAREK has team members that are constantly on the field and they felt like their leadership was being destroyed by their tracking system. Because of the overlooking of their supply chain, this required that MAREK had to travel between different warehouses and worksites to collect all of their information. MAREK had asked that Data System International would help them fix the problem and establish better chain visibility and help asset management. The executives at MAREK had said that they are going to choose DSI’s Cloud Inventory because of the mobile application development that would help with MAREK’s ERP system.

Using the DSI tracking for three weeks, things started to run more smoothly because of the low-code, no-code platform and MAREK was able to handle the change to their locations on their own. So that they could make sure that all of their team was using the platform, MAREK had given their employees iPhones in order to run the DSI app. This helped with getting rid of any paper issues and prevent any human mistakes.

Aegion is another company that has been helped by DSI’s cloud-based solutions and tracking tools. This construction company specializes in sewers, gas, and oil pipeline for more than 45 years. Aegion had decided to partner with DSI Cloud Inventory so that it could streamline the business and process with mobile apps. The company has said that Data System International could help anyone no matter their skill level.

In conclusion, Data Systems International has helped many construction companies get rid of any paper processing issues by digitizing all of their information. This lets all of the companies to be able to optimize the operations by being able to ensure that they have to correct the number of products. The system also allows the companies to see their information at any time of the day by creating an application that can work online and offline across many mobile devices. With their help, the companies save some valuable time which helps them receive growth. Construction companies enjoy being able to partner with Data Systems International because they help track their equipment, building supplies, and handheld tops and this ensures that they meet any of their scheduled deadlines.

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