3 Common Ford Vehicle Issues to Watch Out For

There’s no doubt that Ford is one of the most popular car and truck manufacturers in the United States. However, even the most trusted car brands come with their own set of issues. This doesn’t mean they’re any less reliable, but you should be aware of potential problems.

Some models have the same issues year after year, and others have recalls from a problem with design or malfunctioning parts. If you recently purchased a vehicle that repeatedly fails to meet standards of performance and quality, lemon law lawyers Bay Area can help you. 

The most common issues to watch out for when purchasing a Ford are transmission problems, malfunctioning windows, cracked panels below the rear window, and blinking overdrive (O/D) lights. However, different models have different issues, so here are the most common for each model.

1. Problems with the Ford Explorer

Some of the most common complaints about the Explorer are defective transmissions, radiator leaks, and faulty air-conditioning systems. The 2020 Ford Explorer also had a recall for wiring harness issues, in which the wires were not properly attached causing a short circuit.

It’s not just the actual vehicle that has reported problems. The Ford-Firestone tires manufactured between 1990 and 2000 had major issues with tire blowout, but it should be noted that Ford did replace millions of the faulty tires since then.

It should be noted that even though the Explorer has had a couple recalls and problems with quality control issues, the SUV still remains one of the most popular and most reliable vehicles you can find on the road today.

2. Problems with the  Ford Mustang

Although there has been an abundance of complaints from consumers about interior accessory problems with the Ford Mustang, the company has not issued any recalls related to the issues. Among the problems are trouble with the rearview camera, steering wheel, and the Mustang’s radio/sync display.

In addition to the accessory problems, drivers also report loud squeaking, chirping, and other noises as the car’s engine heats up, as well as issues with the car vibrating when it hits speeds over 60 mph. These issues don’t stop the Mustang from being one of the U.S. most popular sports cars.

3. Problems with the Ford Focus and Ford Escape 

As mentioned, Ford models have commonly had issues with their transmissions, and the Focus is no exception. People report faulty transmissions and engine issues, such as the RPMs jumping when you put the car in park. 

The Focus model also had a few recalls in the past. Millions of vehicles were recalled from 2012 to 2018, due to faulty purge valves in the cars’ exhaust system. Other problems include engines that don’t restart after stalling, loss of power, and failed fuel gauges. 

Consumers have reported engine issues, screeching brakes, and loss of power steering in the Ford Escape model, which could be potentially dangerous. Ford also issued a recall of the 2013 models due to engine fires, which was so significant they advised against driving the car.

The Escape, and other Ford models, had inadequate cooling systems that caused vehicle fires when flammable fluids came in contact with the exhaust system. Ford sent tow trucks to retrieve the vehicles and repaired them, so owners didn’t have to drive the cars and risk their safety.

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