Ask An Expert: Clancey Yohman Shares Insider Sales Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know

Clancey Braxton Yohman Sales Secret

Most of the time, starting a business is simple. Tom, Dick, and Harry can develop a business plan, find funding, and see it through to completion.

However, the challenge is maintaining and expanding the business to the point where prospective leads become loyal clients.

Even with the best-laid strategies in place, many businesses ultimately fail. So, business owners who want to leave a mark must take every possible step to grow their businesses and compete with both direct and indirect opponents.

One of the tips for accomplishing this is introducing concepts that differentiate your company and win over the target market. In light of this, Clancey Yohman has compiled some insider sales secrets to help you make your desired level of sales.

Customer Service is Paramount

According to Clancey Yohman, many business owners focus primarily on selling their goods and services and pay little attention to providing good customer service.

The results of such actions include customers switching to businesses that implement a variety of preferential treatment procedures to make them feel genuinely cherished.

The lesson is the importance of always keeping the customer’s comfort in mind when conducting sales. A satisfied consumer would return to experience the same courtesy they had when making earlier transactions.

Pique Customers’ Interest in Other Products

Your customer may occasionally enter your shop to buy just one or two things. When the purchase is made, your customer will depart and may never return to make another purchase again.

While you made a profit from the goods purchased by the customer, you failed to take advantage of the customer’s presence to promote other products and services that the customer might buy, even if it was outside their initial plan.

This most likely eliminated the chance of higher profits on a single sale, even if the opportunity was present and ready to be taken. 

In essence, you need to have a strategy in place for attracting customers to other goods in the hopes that they could eventually make a purchase.

Use Social Media

By using social media, you can now expand your brand’s reach beyond its physical location to neighboring states and perhaps international markets.

Almost everyone has access to a smartphone and the internet and would most likely be signed on to a social media platform.

Clancey Yohman advises business owners to take advantage of this by promoting their brands on such platforms. When done with the right content, the business will undoubtedly increase sales.

Be Adaptable

The capacity to swiftly switch directions in reaction to changes in the market is one quality that would assist you in continuing to make sales.

Additionally, it will guarantee that your business survives fierce rivalry from competitors and continues to be spoken about.

Therefore, you should have simple plans that are simple to adopt when it is necessary to make that adjustment. 

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